Sunday, February 24, 2013

Casa Ibiza, Antipolo City, Rizal


I can't really remember the exact month we visited Casa Ibiza. I guess, it was like 8 months ago. lol
Barbs got us a voucher thru Metrodeal, around 1000php each for an overnight stay at Casa Ibiza, Rizal.

They say that Casa Ibiza is an urban oasis in the city, a Mexican inspired island resort getaway and events place minutes away from the bustling metropolis.

Honestly, i cant remember anything so i'll just share some photos!Everyone loves photos. hahahaha. And, if someone is looking for a place to stay or travel, they'll love to see photos right?

Casa Ibiza is also perfect for weddings and intimate gatherings.

I guess, Casa Ibiza was initially built as Model House for a subdivision. You can see that what i'm saying once you visited the place. And they just made it a

It's a beautiful place. Its quite pricey if you don't have vouchers. So go and get one! :)


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