Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Celebrating New year at Boracay, Island

Last sunset of 2012 at Boracay Island
  We had some dinner buffet worth 350pesos to celebrate New Year's eve.

Dinner was good. After dinner, they all went back to our hotel to prepare and get dressed while I went outside and had a long walk going to station 1. I also stopped by Jonah's to buy some banana choco peanut shake.

I went back to them around 11:30PM. We were near the beach while waiting for the Countdown to 2013.
Since I didn't bring any camera, i only took shots of Fireworks using my iphone.

Afterwards, we had few drinks and went to Club Paraw!

We had a  blast! It was too crowded yet we enjoyed the night. :)

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aldritz kezia said...

I think the most enjoyable of this, the club Paraw.

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Zummi said...

Hello, after reading your post It feels me more eager to visit Boracay soon. I want to experience the nightlife there and I am pretty sure that I would have an unforgettable memories there if ever. Boracay is one of Philippines best resorts. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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