Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 2: Exploring Carabao Island, Romblon

December 31, 2012

We were able to find a boat for not sure 3k or 4k??. It was a 30-45 minute bumpy boat ride going to Carabao Island, Romblon if you want to get away from the White Beach.

haggling skills at it's finest

while waiting for our boat
Armed with our 1 pc Andoks chicken and rice for lunch, we were ready!

carabao, island, romblon
Beach Bumming.

The island was nice. Maybe we just went to the other part of the island, but i can't compare it to Panglao Island. We even borrowed snorkeling gears but there were no fishes but full of dead corals and sea weeds.

Next stop: Puka Beach

**photos courtesy of Son Martillan

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