Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 2: Puka Beach, Boracay Island

December 31, 2012

By 12 noon, we departed Carabao Island, waves were strong and huge but we still decided that our drop off point would be Puka Beach.

Puka Beach was way way beautiful than Carabao island. It is more peaceful and quiet. A stretch of White sand mixed with Puka shells. There was one restaurant but it was quite pricey. 10pieces of small shrimps worth 200pesos.

There was nothing to do there but to beach bum and photo ops.

 It was 3:00pm when we decided to go back to our Hotel to rest and to get ready for New Year!

To go back, we rode a shuttle going to D'Mall. Tricycles were worth 250 each. lol. Nevermind.

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