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Do-it-yourself : CALAGUAS ISLAND (Itinerary and Expenses)

I've been wanting to visit the ever famous CALAGUAS ISLAND for 4 years already. I had chances to go with friends and some travel friends but i was always broke. lol

Then i found a tour package worth 3500 each but i decided it will be much cheaper if i do a DIY Trip. I asked around for people who wanted to come with me. 5 said yes!

Feb 1, 2012 (FRIDAY)

Anak and I met at LRT2 Recto Station at around 6:00PM. We decided to ride the LRT going to Cubao Station, after a LONG LONG walk going to Superlines, we were advised to go to the other SUperlines Terminal in front of BALIWAG Transit terminal. We were sweaty and hungry by the time we arrived at Superlines to be informed that the AC Bus going to PARACALE's departure time was 7:45PM. HOLYYY &*^%*!

We decided to ride the BUS to AYALA then we were dropped of at PHILTRANCO TERMINAL.It was already 8:15PM. We asked the Cashier if they have any BUS going to PARACALE, but none. So we just bought tickets to TALOBATIB. (Aren't you gonna ask where are the other 4??)

They said it was really hard to find a cab from Makati going to Cubao. Excuses! Good thing the Philtranco Bus will stop at Pasay Terminal to fetch passengers. Filipino time!!!!!

It was already 9:15PM when we arrived at Pasay Terminal. So there, we saw Rick, Emy, Ann and Niko. Nice. By 9:45PM we departed. OFF TO BICOL!!!

Feb 2, 2012 (SATURDAY)

It was around 5:00am when we were dropped off at TALOBATIB. It was raining. Yes, RAINING!!! It was Paracale's FIESTA that day too.
We rented 2 tricycles going to Paracale worth 250pesos each.

Our meet up place with the boatman was at Shell Station. There was a small eatery and we decided to have breakfast. It was around 5:45 when the boatman arrived and we went directly to their place.

By 6:00am, we decided to go to Paracale Market.

This is what we saw!!! 


Emy's a vegetarian. Ann and Niko doesn't eat pork. We even had a hard time finding veggies or even salted egg.
There were no hard drinks sold on stores. Good thing i was able to find 2 small empi lights. lol

We bought, 2 kls of Tilapia, 1 kl Pork and some sinigang ingredients. Charcoal, 5pieces of salted egg, onions,tomatoes etc.
It was hopeless we decided to just buy a live chicken! lol While we were walking, we saw a house selling live chickens and we asked the lady if they have one. We were given a 1kl  Magnolia Chicken. ahahaa.

We roam around looking for a water station. When we found one, we bought a large gallon of water. Deposit was 200pesos. 35 pesos for the water. When we were asked where we are going, we told the owner were heading to CALAGUAS and he said water is worth 50 pesos coz' we're going to CALAGUAS. what the f??? TIP: DONT SAY YOU'RE GOING TO CALAGUAS!

It was around 8:00AM when we rode the BOAT. It was a rainy day. There was one boat who went ahead of us like 15 or 20minutes.

Anak and her plastic bag
TIP: Don't forget to bring large plastic bags. Look at the picture above! :)

 It was a holy *%^&* rollercoaster jungle-log-jam ride. Read: I am not exaggerating. Waves were so strong and huge. (i thought it was the end of my life, really) we were all wet the entire 2.5hr boat ride. I even prayed the rosary for guidance. yikes!! I can't describe how scary it was. We also went passed the other boat. We were even already finished cooking LUNCH when they arrived. No kidding!

When we arrived at Mahabang Buhangin Beach and it was so beautiful!

Lunch Time!

emy and anak!

Powdery white sand, unspoiled beach, beautiful and serene. This island is majestic!!

We really enjoyed our first day. We took a lot of pictures and cooked a lot of food.

Note: No signal. Even Smart network. No electricity so make sure you bring your own flashlights!

We cooked our dinner by 4:00PM, we need to make sure were done before sunset. :)
By the way, we rented 2 tents, 250 each and an open cottage worth 200 pesos.

I actually decided to sleep on the bench of the open cottage but it rained so i have no choice but to get inside the tent. lol

Feb 3, 2012 (SUNDAY)

I woke up at around 5:30am and cooked our breakfast. Too bad, one of our grilled fish was eaten by the stray dog. hahaha.

By 7:00am we decided to trek the hill.

This place was gorgeous! Super!!!!!!
It was a 30minute trek. We also paid 20pesos each! :)

After lunch, we decided that we need to get back to Paracale since the van's going to Daet were  until 4PM only.

Goodbye my dearest Calaguas! :)

It was a smooth sail going back to Paracale. :) The boat we rented costs 3500pesos. It should've been 500 pesos cheaper but it was fiesta and it will be unfair for Kuya Joseph and Kuya Jun to be at the island while everyone was celebrating.

We also give them all meals that we have from breakfast to dinner including their pulutans.
I forgot the name of the caretaker of the resort we stayed but they were really accommodating. They allowed us to use some of their plates and bowls.

We stayed at the left side of the beach, facing the sea. We were all alone at the beach while the other group stayed on the farthest right side.

Sample itinerary:

Expenses: This could've been much cheaper if we didn't bought a lot of food.

Do-it-yourself Calaguas Trip was really easy for backpacker and campers! No need for tour packages!

Here is Kuya Joseph's number:  09308198217

His son is currently at PGH and in need of operation due to a dislocated bone on his hips.


Ann said...

balik tayo!!! Basta wag between Nov to Feb! hehe

DiversityHuman said...

Ang lufet mo talaga Ai!

Ang ganda ng beach!!!

Teka di ba nakakatakot kapag gabi? Maliit lang ba ang island?

Anonymous said...

Malaki yung island. long stretch ng beach! Hindi naman nakakatakot sir DiversityHuman! -ai

tnatamad ako mag log in lol

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

Such a detailed post! Haven't been there and am sooo excited to see it someday. Hopefully hindi crowded.

aileen said...

Hi po! sa dami na ng napuntahan mo magugustuhan mo din ang Calaguas! :)

Shnappy said...

Wow great itinerary! Thank you for posting a detailed one online :)

scatterbrain said...

Hi Aileen,

Correction on your blog. I think you meant 2013 instead of Feb 1, 2012.
Chinicheck ko kasi kung yun ba latest fare price ng bus(580), then I saw na 2012 pa yung date mo.

Planning to visit Calaguas this April. Sana wala rin masyadong tao.

Anonymous said...


Kung pupunta kayo ng Paracale no need to rent a tricycle thats too expensive.. wait for CM bus line, 35 pesos lang yon from talobatib.,much better kung summer kayo pupunta., kaso nga lang mejo maraming tao hindi nyoo masosolo yong beach, hindi advisabe pumunta ng Oct-Dec mejo pangit panahon malakas ang alon.,

ernie osillo said...


Anonymous said...


Nung nagtrek po kayo sino po naiwanpara magbantay ng mga gamit nyo? or safe ba na mag iwan ng gamit dun? thanks!

aileen said...

Hello po,

Wala pong naiwan sa mga gamit although dinala namin all important belongings. :)

edgar magan said...

Hi aileen. Wala kasi kaming tent.. Meron bang marentahan dun at magkano po?

aileen said...

Hello Sir Edgar, i would really suggest na buy your tent nalang. Andaming tent sa divisoria tapos 500 lang, compared sa magrerent kayo. Atleast meron na kayong tent sa mga susunod niyo pang getaway! :)

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