Sunday, February 10, 2013

I'm starting to hate 19east Bar and Grill, Sucat.

Last night we went to 19east Bar and Grill located at Sucat. We came all the way from Manila just to watch the gig for the night. We arrived at around 8:30PM, there were few people inside their Music Hall.

Feb 9,2013: Franco, The Chocolate Factory, Chongkeys and Indio I.

We got our table for 2 and asked if maybe we can buy some bottle of beers inside, we can pay for it immediately so they can put it on our tables so we can eat outside since the place has a nice view and ambiance.

They said no. We cannot buy beers and eat outside and i was like, whaaaatttt????
They said, no to reservations.

First of all, we aren't reserving tables. We paid our entrance fees and we are willing to pay immediately.
They said, their foods have different prices if you are to eat inside the Music Hall and outside.
I asked them if we can eat outside with the same price.

They said no.

This is unbelievable!

I tweeted @19east and here's their explanation.

So sorry for the misunderstanding. The waiter may not have explained our position correctly. Anyway, we allow our music hall guests to have dinner in the garden except shows such as Franco's where we expect a heavy turnout. From our experience, when a lot of people come in at about the same time, its hard to control and prevent the crowd from taking or "stealing" reserved tables that are unattended. To avoid logistical nightmare, we discourage guests from leaving their tables.

I got your point. But again, I asked if we can buy beers and we are to leave those to our table.
I've been going to 19east a lot of times, last time we ate outside and left our table, it was a Parokya ni Edgar and Gloc 9's night. (if you get what i mean)

Can you still remember the night you served me chicken lollipops that tasted like a hundred years old?
The breading was too thick because inside was another breading. lol. The chicken was already black inside.

Did you hear anything from me? (can't find the photos, i'm gonna search for it soon as i get home)

How are we suppose to eat inside the Music hall? Can't even see my food!

 I am not complaining with your overpriced food and drinks. But we're guests. You should've atleast considered that.

We could've ordered more food but i wasn't in the mood anymore.

Entrance fee was 200php.


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