Sunday, February 10, 2013

Reggae Saturday at 19east Km Bar and Grill

So yes, last night, xave and I went to 19 east Bar and Grill. We were so disappointed.

Read: I'm starting to hate 19east Bar and Grill, Sucat.

Good thing we enjoyed the bands' performance. :)


In order of Performance:

Chocolate Factory - some of their songs are One Love, Collie Herb, Ilalim, Sweet sexy lady and many more. I like this reggae band most especially their pianist. lol
Follow their Facebook page for more info: Chocolate Factory

Indio I  -i'm not sure of the list of their songs but they're good. :)
Facebook page- Indio I

The Chongkeys - their songs are: Diksyunaryo, Gabi ng Lagim,and many more! They rock!!

Facebook page: The Chongkeys

Franco band- i came to know this band because of my ever loved bassist, Buwi Meneses. Too bad they were disbanded. Some of the songs that i like are: Castaway, The Gathering, Song for the suspect, Touch the sky and Memory Kill.
Facebook page: Franco Suspitsados

Apologies for the photos, i just used my ever reliable iphone.

Let us support OPM!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the supprot.. -Chocolate Factory Guitarist. :)

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