Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tamaraw Beach and Resort, Puerto Galera


Xave and I celebrated November 1st, All saints day at Puerto Galera. It wasn't our first time in Puerto Galera but it was our first time at Tamaraw Beach, which we found out, was way way better than White Beach. It was quiet and peaceful unlike the other busy beach.

We stayed at Tamaraw Beach Resort which cost us Php1500 for an overnight cottage stay as i don't like to stay at their hotel.

I think everyone knows how to go to Puerto Galera right? Ride a Bus going to Batangas Port, the one at Buendia is cheaper, then from the port, ride the boat. :) Now for you to go to Tamaraw Beach, it's either you ask the hotel to fetch you or you can go to the left side of the beach (facing the sea), you'll sea a lot of rocks, just cross over and you're at Tamaraw Beach! hehehe. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

cottage room

view from balcony.
yours truly. lol

Whenever we want to eat, we cross the rocks. After all, food at white beach is cheaper.

Here's Tamaraw Beach Hotel.


Reyn said...

I wanna go to Puerto Galera. Hope this summer, will visit this beautiful place.

aileen said...

go reyn!! thanks for dropping by! try mo sa tamaraw beach! mas peaceful! :) said...

ganda sa tamaraw!

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