Monday, March 18, 2013

Lakeshore, Pampanga - a Pre-nuptial venue

Last friday, my friends, Tanya and Mike held their pre-nuptial photoshoot at Lakeshore, Pampanga.
We rented a van which costs P3500 for the entire day including gas. (not bad, eh)

Lakeshore was an hour and half drive from Manila. We passed by North Luzon Expressway and made an exit at Mexico, Pampanga.

The place was beautiful and serene. Lakeshore is definitely a  pre-nuptial photoshoot venue and a pefect weekend getaway place! There is a twelve-hectare man-made lake where visitors can go sailing (or swimming perhaps).

There's an island with a pool in the middle of the man-made lake where you can reach by riding their barge.

I believe it costs 3000 for the venue plus food (for the bride and groom to be) from their restaurant ( The Lighthouse Grill). Pricey i think considering that they don't have a private AC room. They changed outfits in their public CR. Plus the food at The Lighthouse Grill were pricey too. They also don't provide electric fans. I can't say they don't care about you but yes, they don't. (imo)

These are the unofficial photos since i'm the one who took the pictures. I'm no photographer but i guess i did good. Not the best but still i liked them. :)
They hired CGM Studio for the P&V  which costs 60 freakin' thousand. A big no-no for me if i were them.

The Lakeshore also offers overnight package around Php3500. :)


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