Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nilo Pillow, the Travel Pillow

There are times when we do anything just to sleep comfortably most especially when we travel on airplanes, trains, in cars or buses for hours, right? Now, here's Nilo Pillow, a proudly Filipino travel pillow not just for a relaxing sleep but a perfect travel companion.

Nilo Pillow was born December 23 (not really sure how old he is) and he likes to travel around the world and meet different people. He can be a listener, a fellow traveler and your bestfriend too!

Nilo Pillow is made from fibers of both the natural cotton and polyester fabric. Therefore, it has the coolness and lightness of a cotton and the strength and durability of polyester which makes it "washable" "breathable" and" huggable". Perfect pillow to bring anywhere

Nilo Pillow items are available in all Papemelroti stores. 

So go and grab your Nilo Pillows now and travel the world. :)

1) BRING the pillow to nice places
2) TAKE great photos
3) SHARE the photos #nilopillow  (instagram)

 Do watch Nilo Pillow's awesome videos!
The Nilo Pillow Theme song
 Nilo Pillow Around the World

Just like what Nilo Pillow says, "Travel is the only thing that makes you richer"

Follow Nilo Pillow on:
Instagram: @nilopillow 
photo grabbed from nilo pillow facebook account

 Can wait to see you home NILO! :)


theamexguy said...

awwww...they're really cute!


Antor Biswas said...

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