Monday, April 15, 2013

Paseo Verde Resort, Laiya Batangas

Last 2011, we held out annual summer team building at Punto Miguel, Laiya while last year we held it at Residencia Laiya.

April 13, 2013

The resort. 

We had our department's team building held at Paseo Verde Resort, Laiya Batangas last weekend. We rented their Casita accomodation (Caseta Pureza and Garcia) with 16 pax sleeping capacity (since we're almost 30) at Php9000 each room. It's a 2-storey room, clean, has good air condition and a private bathroom.The cottage were equipped with stove and personal fridge plus Hot and Cold water dispenser. We didn't have a hard time cooking since we have 2 kitchens. Would really recommend Paseo Verde accomodation. Great for Team Buildings and company outings.

on our way to Laiya with Nilo Pillow
Paseo Verde entrance:

Our duplex cottages:

We were not able to use the other cottage since the check out time is 12pm. So we still waited while they cleaned the other room.

We had a lot of food and booze! I really enjoyed our Bacardi and  3 bottles of el hombre tequila (i still would prefer JC though! (jose cuervo) but hey, its free you know.)

drunk and having fun!

The beach.

If i have any other option, i would never go back to Laiya. (or maybe, the stretch of this beach). I still would love to visit Aquatico. I'm not sure how to explain but the beach were dirty, muddy, and smelly!

Let this photos show you why..

It's now a public and dirty beach. And for my own safety, i stayed at the shore. ahhahaha..

There are a lot of resorts on the stretch of this beach. Oh well, not in proper arrangement, lol. Punto Miguel, Paseo Verde, Sigayan Bay, Llamar beach resort, Kabayan Resort, White Cove Resort. After crossing the lagoon, you will reach Playa Laiya Residential Resort.

White cove

I had fun really. I did something really naughty at Playa Laiya. Will share it on another post.

eve, my friend at Playa Laiya

Overall, i enjoyed our Team Building but not the beach. I've been to a lot of beaches but this is worst.


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