Monday, April 15, 2013

What i did at Playa Laiya Residential Beach Resort, Batangas

I already blogged about Paseo Verde Resort. which really has nice cottages but the beach? no. So i and eve walked to the other side of the beach and found Playa Laiya Residential Beach Resort.

my friend, eve at playa laiya!
Playa Laiya, according to my research is a clubhouse developed by Landco Pacific Corporation. Therefore, exclusive for members only. Non residents can also use the amenities but you need get invites from members. (though not for meee) you'll know why later.

don't have time to edit

They've got good facilities! A huge infinity pool (salty!), kiddie pool and a jacuzzi!


I loved this place compared to the other resorts at Laiya. Hahha. Not biased but this is a beautiful place!

 We were already heading back to the resort when i realized i won't be able to swim since the beach was really dirty, muddy and smelly. So i asked eve if we can go back to Playa Laiya.

What i did??

 Thanks Playa Laiya! I really enjoyed Laiya because of you! :)

Pacific Corp


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