Thursday, May 30, 2013

Boracay Activities 2013 l Day 2

May 10, 2013

It was around 7:30 when we woke up for breakfast. We went to Sheena's eatery and ordered their "silogs" while waiting for the Kuya who will assist us for the day.

If you are planning to go to Boracay, make sure to find someone who offers cheap yet funtastic activities. Before this trip, i've read a lot of blogs and forums, thanks PEX and GT, i found Kuya Ron.

First, we went in front of Astoria to avail our Parasailing package for 6 except me. Yes, i can't. I have Acrophobia. I can't stand to see myself exposed to heights. hahaha.

I've heard and read that Parasailing activity costs Php1500 or more but Kuya Ron gave it to us at Php850 each. Cool!!!After paying all the fees, we rode the speed boat then off to the boat we are to use for our Parasailing. (our talaga??)

safety first!



and away!!
 They said it was an amazing experience being flown like a kite and seeing the magnificent view above.
Nuff of that.

After parasailing, we availed their ATV package. We rode the van going to Park. We rented their ATV's for an hour and paid Php250 each. We did a road test before we started going to Tanawin deck which costs 100++ pesos entrance fee.

Nothing much to do up there. Won't do this again next time. Haha. We headed to D'Talipapa after. We should've tried their paluto had it not been sooo expensive. So.. Andoks it is for lunch. lol. We can always eat at Seaside, Macapagal, right??

We went back to our room and decided to rest while Anak, Jes and Tanya went out to swim and stroll. When we woke up it was already past 4:00pm nice. wasted time. We immediately joined them. Hahha..

All you can eat buffets are really popular in Boracay. Just don't eat too much rice to enjoy everything.
For dinner we decided to slash Php300 on our budget!

To end the day, i joined my officemates at OJ's while my friends went to Curtina to party! :)

For cheap accomodation: Villa Simprosa Resort
For our day 1: Boracay Summer 2013 l day 1


Joyce said...

Mey contacts po ba kayo sa mga activities nyo? thanks :)

aileen said...

hello! sorry i forgot to post the number. kuya ron- 09209060466

Erica said...

hey aileen thanks for the contact going to boracay tomorrow... i hope i can contact kuya ron :)

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