Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Boracay Summer 2013 l Day 1

May 9 2013

Our much awaited Boracay summer escapade slash celebration of Tanya and Mike's wedding, finally!

jes, nak, nan
xave, me and tanya

First of, i'd like to thank Cebu Pacific and Sea Air for cheap tickets Caticlan and Kalibo. And thank you so much Sea Air for, as always, cancels my flights, but i am happy i was able to rebook our flight from May 12 to 13! plus one day for us! :)

It was announced that Liquor ban will start from May 9 until May 13, which was Election day. (Kalurkey)
What are we gonna do at Boracay?? We even paid for 10kls check in baggage so we can bring hard drinks to atleast satisfy our vacation. Good thing it was lifted last May 8. Thanks to Malacanang. :)

bored to death

Our flight to Caticlan was delayed for 2 hours ( it was my first time to ride in a "propeller type" plane. Feels like riding in PNR. ahhaha.

propeller type plane bound to caticlan
Cebu Pacific offers fun in the skies game and I won! haha!! It's like a tablet cover, i dunno. It fits my netbook!

It was good, we no longer need to ride the van, just a tricycle away from the port. We should've just walked. lol. Same thing, paid 175 for environmental and whatever fee that was, then 30 pesos for fast craft ferry.
welcome to boracay!!

We then hailed a tricycle and paid 20 pesos each going to D'Mall then walked our way going to Villa Simprosa. We arrived like around 6:00pm, sunset!

sunset = no filters, no edits, came straight from my iphone

We stayed at Villa Simprosa Boracay. (there's a separate post for this) there were some unneeded stress but everything went fine.

Everyone was really hungry but we decided to rest first and change to somewhat, errr, more appropriate clothes. lol. Mike and Tanya went out and ate at Sbarro, while we, Jes, Nan, Anak and Xave decided to stroll around first. For my first timer friends, (i won't be mentioning your names) we strolled and went to Jonah's.
jes and her avocado shake
I'm not sure but i don't think we ate dinner. lol Next thing i know we went to OJ's Bar for some Beer and Booze!

Coming up next: Our Day 2. :)

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Kit Cruz said...

medyo late na kayo nakadating ng Boracay, kaya pala konti un activities na nagawa nyo on your first day. :)

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