Friday, May 3, 2013

Surprise couple shower party at Sir Williams Hotel, Timog

It was almost end of March when i started planning Tanya and Mike's couple shower party. At first, it was only a small get together for us, then we planned for an overnight swimming party to booking a hotel reservation here in Manila.

I kept on scouting hotels that approves and are lenient with guests, i also tried to email and call them too. Some of those were Linden Suites, Lancaster, Somerset Millenium Makati, Pearl Garden Hotel Manila, City Garden, Sogo, Victoria Court, Eurotel and a lot lot more but they were too expensive for our budget! (kuripot kasi kami)

I went to Malate (by foot) and ask around, found one Pension House and i went inside to check their Penthouse which costs 3500. not bad! it has1 bed and 2 bed upstairs with balcony, tv, private CR and mini fridge, the downside it, it seems that the pension house was really old and the facilities too.

I was really hopeless and tired (lol) when i saw this Pajama party at Groupon, it costs 4500. The package includes: 20 pax to stay for 24 hours, 1 case of San Mig Light, 1 bottle of Red wine, and a pitcher of Juice. Not bad since the original cost of this package is i guess around Php8000. So i grabbed the voucher and called the hotel as soon as i purchased it.

Too bad the date that i want was April 26 but the party room was already booked. I talked to them and approved that we can get a Suite room provided that it doesn't have a kitchen and videoke. Oh well, we can always provide one, right?

Here are some of the photos of the room:

 It was a 45sq meter room. Fits up to 20 people! I was really happy with what we have. We decorated the room with lots of photos and some balloons too.

anak writing a dedication

All in all, it was surprisingly a successful event. We ordered at CCME Homemade foodstuff (ill make a separate post for this) and everyone was happy with our menu. Everyone paid Php600 all in all, budget friendly eh.

We also played dress the Bride and Groom so we have 2 teams!


We were really really disappointed with their swimming pool. It was really really dirty! Hey I'm gonna ask Quezon City hall to check your sanitary permit. The water was yellowish and it has some cockroaches too!
It was really gross! We asked if they can change the water but they said no. They informed us that they can only open the filter. When they opened it, a lot of dirt appeared! My goodness! It was really really really dirty!!!!

After an hour of waiting for the pool to be cleaned (by the dirty filter) we just enjoyed the day. (lublob nalang ng very light)

We stayed for full 24hours it was really fun. :)


KTs lifestyle said...

I'm sure the couple were very thankful to have friends like you. ;)

Please visit my blog when you have time.


Pinoy Social said...

I showed in their smile that the couple are very happy. It was so touching when friends are gave effort to surprise you.

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