Friday, May 3, 2013

Tiger Airwarys cancelled flights to Davao

Please give me this space to rant! rant! rant!

I booked this Davao flight last January to visit one of my closest friend since they relocated last year.
Last night, I received an email from Tiger Airways: 

After a recent network review, Tiger Airways has made a decision to suspend your chosen route.
I called immediately and they informed me that flights has no option to rebook since they are only Low-Cost airlines. Thanks for being honest. I know that this is a promo flight but hey, i paid for this. They will give a refund thru cheque. Nice! Talk about hassle.
I so hate you Tiger Airways!  
 I tried to search for the email itinerary Tigerairways sent me, and read the Terms and Conditions attached.
 10.2 Cancellation, Changes Of Schedules:
At any time after a booking has been made we may change our schedules and/or cancel,
terminate, divert, postpone, reschedule or delay any flight where we reasonably consider this
to be justified by circumstances beyond our control or for reasons of safety or commercial
reasons. In the event of such flight cancellation or changes to the schedule so as to depart
more than four (4) hours before or after the scheduled departure time, the Passenger may
elect, either:
a. To be carried at the earliest opportunity on another of our scheduled services on which
space is available without additional charge and, where necessary, extend the validity of
your booking; or
b. To retain the value of your fare in a credit account for your future travel provided you re-
book within six (6) months there from; or
c. To receive a refund in accordance with these Terms & Conditions.
Where a cancellation or significant alteration is made to our schedule before the date of your
departure, we will use reasonable efforts to inform you of any such cancellation or alteration.
The agent informed me that he also thought that we should be given 3 options but the information that was cascaded to them was only refund. So what's the purpose of your terms and conditions then?? 


michymichymoo said...

That's a bummer. Similar incident happened to us a few months ago for our AirAsia flight for Puerto Princesa, but we were given option to book it earlier. Darn. You can report it ha.

Nor Ann said...

sad to hear about that sis! :-( lalo na if nakabook ka na ng mga accommodations and tours. sobrang hassle!

Anonymous said...

The same thing happened to me. But the agent mentioned that their Davao route was cancelled. After the phone call, I am still wondering if the route was cancelled, why are they still selling tickets for it. I hate seair/tiger airways!

aileen said...

naku 1 oras ako nakipag usap! they gave me credit shell nalang instead of refund. Ayoko kasi mahassle na pupunta pa ko cebuana tapos cheke pa! ampupu..

Anonymous said...

same thing happen to us. we are a family who got the ticket from their promo. The reply i got is they dont have Davao flight anymore starting Jul 1st. This is why they dont have a choice to book at another day or time. but to refund all passenger travelling Jul 1 onwards.

Anonymous said...

2 days before our flight to davao, i called tiger as i saw in my travel itinerary that the flight back was refunded already. Nakaleave na kaming 5 at ready na ang bag for the travel then saka ko malalaman na refunded yung flight back. Buti i checked my ticket online, e pano kung hindi. Ending, we didnt push through with the travel to davao kasi nga they dont offer any alternative na maayos aside sa refund matapos nila ko hindi inotify that they cancelled the flight. sabi nagemail daw, e bat wala akong natangap. at di acceptable ang email lang. dapat tumawag sila or text man lang. i already escalated this concern to them pero di ko pa binabalikan. asking for compensation due for us. nasaayang ang leave at nabadtrip sa di natuloy na lakad,

aileen said...

yes po! :) they dont have flights to davao na.

super disappointed din kami kasi birthday ng kasama ko tapos cancelled pa.

Ang masaklap sa credit shell na binigay sakin, i cant use it for promo fares. Regular fares lang so need ko talaga magdagdag. sayang tuloy.

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