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Letter to Customer Service dated July 3.

Phone #:
Date of Birth:
Plan: Plan 350 with Bundled Pocket WIFI

I am very frustrated and dissatisfied with the service and assistance that I am getting from SUN CELLULAR
The only reason why I applied for a postpaid line with SUN CELLULAR is because of the Advertisement that it gives Consistent, Fast and Reliable Connection.

Unfortunately, I am not experiencing your consistent and fast internet service. I live in MANILA, CAVITE  and Working in Makati (along Makati Avenue) and  I cannot believe it that I cant even access FACEBOOK nor pull up or watch videos in YOUTUBE with the Consistent, Fast and Reliable Connection that I have.

I am almost losing patience and about to disconnect and not pay my bills with you guys, I wouldn’t mind if you CUT OFF my line. After all its very easy to bring this pocket wifi to Greenhills  to have it open-line.

I am unable to get a call as well as to why my internet is slow at home and in the office. What seems to be the problem?

I was a GOOD PAYER. There were times that i don't want to pay because of this PROBLEM!  And I am telling you guys,  FRANKLY, I am not going to pay my Bill unless I see a CREDIT Showing Up on my next bill for the number of the days that I am not able to use the full service of my Unlimited Data.

I am hoping to get a response regarding or else, you will never get anything from me regarding my bills.

Received a reply, July 8.

Dear Ms. XXXX

Good day.

We do apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced.

To further help you regarding this, please provide the following information:

      •  Light indicator on modem (color):
      •  Broadband Mobile number/account number:
      •  Other Contact Number:
      • Signal bars Type of the Broadband platform :
      • Signal Bar Level of the Broadband platform : 
      •  Date of the problem:
      •  Exact location with landmark
      •  Operating System that you use ( e.g Window XP, WINDOW 7)
      •  Site Frequently Visited
      •  Series of screenshots of your connection via

For the meantime, we also advise you to check your signal if you are connected with our 3G connections. Kindly check if you are connected with either WCDMA or HSDPA by following these simple steps:
     1.  Remove the device, then close the Interface
     2.  Remove SIM card and re-insert properly
     3.  Make sure that the modem is properly detected before re-opening the interface
     4.  Open SBW platform
     5.  Then, Choose Network
     6.  Under Network type, choose WCDMA only
     7.  Click apply then OK   

Should you have other concerns, you may also call our 24/7 Customer Service hotline by dialing (02) 395-3333 for landline and 333 using your SUN mobile phone for further assistance.

Paolo Bundac
Customer Service Officer

Replied, July 3

Before I replied, i called Tech Hotline and informed me that the speed i am getting is acceptable.

Here is my answer:

 Don't you guys ever told me that my internet connection is freaking acceptable! ( 2496ms, )REALLY???

I am giving you guys 1 month for you to fix my crappy internet connection and i am quitting on you. Who gives out 0.07mbps as speed? I am not getting what you are telling everybody about you CONSISTENT, FAST AND RELIABLE CONNECTION. I am not even using my laptop to connect on your crappy pocket wifi yet i am not getting a good internet connection.

I am paying my bills and i am giving you 1 month to fix this connection and I'm done. Don't you guys ever ask me for a termination fee if ever coz i am not paying, even a single cent if you don't fix this.
Your customer service sucks. BIG TIME!

To further help you regarding this, please provide the following information:
      •  Light indicator on modem (color): ALL lights on as I can connect but i am getting nothing 0.07MBPS
      •  Broadband Mobile number/account number: *********
      •  Other Contact Number:
      • Signal bars Type of the Broadband platform :
      • Signal Bar Level of the Broadband platform : 
      •  Date of the problem: One entire year!
      •  Exact location with landmark: Makati Ave and TONDO MANILA
      •  Operating System that you use ( e.g Window XP, WINDOW 7): I am only using my IPHONE 
      •  Site Frequently Visited: FB, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE
      •  Series of screenshots of your connection via


Received a reply, July 16, 2013

Dear Ms. XXXX

 Good day.

Thank you for the information that you have provided.

As checked, based from the results on the previous complaints under your Broadband number 933****** it shows a trace of good signal at your current location and throughput is within acceptable speed. You may experience slow down of speed especially during peak hours due to high number of users monitored on its serving site. Slow connection may also experience depending on your internet activities as stated on fair usage policy.

Kindly check check connection on other time of the day or on other locations. Also, please check your browser settings, firewall, anti virus and PC as these things may also affect your connection. Please ensure that cache and temporary internet files are deleted to free up your hard disk’s memory space. Please likewise ensure that remaining hard disk space is 50 MB or more. 50 MB of hard disk space is one of the minimum system requirements for Sun Broadband Wireless.

Should you have other concerns, you may also call our 24/7 Customer Service hotline by dialing (02) 395-3333 for using a landline and 333 using your SUN mobile phone for further assistance.


Jessie Dalumpines
Customer Service Officer
Suncellular Account

Sent a reply today:

Are you freakin kidding me???

How many times do i have to say that i am using a mobile phone yet you keep on telling me to check this and that??

Aside from that, i sent you screenshots. You mean to say that 0.07MBPS is an acceptable speed?? 

Can you explain how is that possible??


I am fed up and I am done with SUN CELLULAR. My apologies to all the readers who might think that i am being rude to their Customer Service. (Hindi ko po pinupulot sa kalsada ang ipinambabayad ko every month), As far as i am concern, the fastest speed that i got was .31MBPS. I don't think that i am getting such a wonderful speed. I even ask my officemates to open their personal hotspot so i can connect. I salute Globe for giving all your customers a good and ACCEPTABLE speed.

Here's my post last year, dated June 2012

Dear Sun Cellular, your Customer Service Sucks!


Unknown said...

What happened to this problem? Me too experienced the same in the last two months. Ive been using Suncell for two years and i havent had any complain... UNTIL NOW.

Anonymous said...

hi im from makati too and same here guys. im also experiencing this kind of problem. i enrolled with their promo last August and the only reason is to have a fast internet connection and for me not to register to other mobile internet promo every time it expire for days or month but sad to say it was a wrong decision because mas mabilis pa yung connection ng mobile promo sa ibang network kahit unli fb lang and not to other site. kasi i was expecting na kung mag enroll ako sa sun pospaid internet makakapagbrowse ako ng mas mabilis sa ibang sites and even watch movies or youtube pero ngaun kahit fb at chats sobrang bagal at pawala wala ung signal, as in super naiistress ako dahil in times na kelangan kong may isend or iview na messages ndi ko nasesend and i cant even upload or send photos and files. and in fact i called already sa customer service ng sun for many times at isa lang sagot nila icheck un ganyan palitan ung settings etc. and in the end pag sinabi na ginawa ko na un for hundred times ang sasabihin nila ok po irereport namen at iobserve ko nalang for 3-5 days pero ilang buwan na wala pa ding nagbago. sobrang nastress na ko kasi i am paying 999 a month and yet i wasnt able to get the service na kelangan ko na imbes na nakatipid at makatulong sa work ko it was the opposite. and i cant imagine paying for the remaining years for this kind of sh*t. nakakahiya tuloy na everytime may mag ask kung my internet plan ako im doubting na sabihin kasi i cant even access fb most of the time. so please kindly do something about it kasi sana ndi kau nag offer ng gantong promo na sinasabi nyo na cheaper ung sa inyo pero di mo nman magagamet ng maayos kasi kung alam ko lang kahet mahal sa other network un nalang kinuha ko atleast masasatisfy ako sa service.

Anonymous said...

i hope to hear from you the soonest im from makati (along buendia) but im living in bulacan and experiencing same internet connection problem.

aileen said...

Sorry guys for late reply.

Actually, hindi ko na binayaran yung line. I already told them na kung hindi nila aayusin yung connection ko hindi ko na sila babayaran. I don't want to waste my hard earned money for something na hindi ko naman nagagamit ng maayos.

Im not saying you do the same thing.

Wala ng pag asa ang connection ng SuN. :)

Anonymous said...

wow matagal na pala nagtatrabaho yang taong yan sa Sun Broadband. E wala naman silang nagagawa eh. Kahit ano ireklamo mo sa kanila di nila masolusyunan, tapos di pala consolidated system nila, so panu mo malalaman kung nagrereport sila sa tech department di ba? Yung call center nila di naman ma-troubleshoot yung account, di rin sila yung may handle ng site visit. Nakakairita.

Pwede po ba magreport din kayo sa NTC? May online complaint ofrm po sila sa National Telecommunication Center:

Akala nila dahil di tayo maka-contact ng higher ups nila gaganyanin na lang nila tayo. Pineperahan e pangit naman serbisyo, di man lang maayos. WTF Sun Broadband pineperahan mo lang kami! Sino ba may-ari ng Sun Broadband paki-contact niyo nga sa FB! Nakakagalit!

Anonymous said...

Punta na lang kayo sa NTC mismo sa may East Avenue malapit, e mukhang wala rin palang kwuenta yung online form nila dahil sa disclaimer. Nakalagay if you wish to pursue the complaint e punta daw ng NTC mismo to submit the filled up form or whatever.

Utang na loob jusko mag-complain din kayong lahat sa NTC dahil abusado sila. Humingi kayo ng danyos o compensation for wasting our time and money!

Anonymous said...

Suncellular is also giving me a hard time, sobrang stubborn. The case that I have is not regarding an internet connection but on unsuccessful calls being charged.

I reported about a month ago my experience of hearing myself when making calls and not being able to reach the party that I am calling. This would happen several times in different instances before being able to reach the other party. When my billing statement came in, I got more concerned as I noticed and feel that I am being charged for the unsuccessful calls that I make.

Have you ever experienced this issue? If yes, you might want to check your bill.

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