Thursday, August 22, 2013

HDMF Offers Calamity Loan for Employees affected by Typhoon Maring

Employees affected by the Typhoon Labuyo and Typhoon Maring may now file for Calamity loan under the HDMF program.


1.   Employees can loan up to 80% of their total accumulated savings (combined Employee and Employer Portion)
2.   Employees may now simultaneously avail the Calamity loan even if they have an existing Multi-purpose loan; calamity loan proceeds will not be deducted of the balance of outstanding MPL loan
3.   Loan is payable in 24 months at 5.95 % annual interest, but members may seek to defer their first payment for three months
4.   Employees can file the loan within 90 days from date of declaration of area being under the state of calamity by their local government unit


1.   HDMF Calamity Loan form and Declaration of being affected by Calamity form
2.   Must have at least 24 posted contributions (present and previous employer/s)
3.   2 valid IDs ( at least one ID must bear the current/permanent address of the employee)
Certification from Barangay Chairman and Sangguniang Bayan Resolution declaring the area is in a state of calamity 


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