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Solo Travel in Coron with Itinerary and Expenses (part one)

September 30, 2013

Initially, we were 5 in the group, due to budget constraints, 4 of them did not push through with the trip. So yes, i travelled solo in Coron.

My flight schedule to Busuanga was i think 8:30am, so i arrived at NAIA around 7:00am, went directly to check in counter and secured a seat at the waiting area.

Come 8:30am, they announced that the flight will be delayed. Nice. So i went to the nearest charging station so i can watch a movie i downloaded. (nonsense) Anyway, flight was rescheduled 12:00pm. I was really devastated but i kept my cool.

We were given free breakfast to compensate the delay. Ham and cheese sandwich and a bottle of mineral water.

 Come 11:30am, i went to the information counter and was informed that the flight will be delayed again, i was like, whaaatttt???? Flight was rescheduled again, 4:30PM. We were given options to either re-schedule the flight or wait for further announcement. I had no choice but to wait since i was already there.

We were given free Lunch again to compensate the delay. Beef something with rice and a bottle of mineral water. (sorry for ugly pics, i am only using my iphone since i decided not to bring my slr since i'll be travelling alone) (shrug)

I was thinking that it would be nice if i had atleast someone to talk to while waiting.. oh well, atleast i get to smoke anytime i want. lol Thanks PAL express for the delay, my itinerary was messed up!

There you are! We've been waiting for you like for how many hours!!! I was seated near the window so i get a good view of Coron.

My camera sucks big time!

Beforehand, i already talked to Mommita for accomodation and budget tours. Soon as i arrived in Busuanga airport, the van was already waiting for us.

The trip to Coron City proper was like 30-40mins and paid 150 pesos for the ride. I booked my reservations at Mommitas Lodge and was really accommodated properly. :)

I was given a room for 2 for 600 pesos with aircondition since i'll be staying with them for 5 NIGHTS. Thanks Mommita for the discount. I owe you one.

my room for 6 Days
 As you can see, i only brought a small bag with me. It was almost dark when i arrived so i skipped Mount Tapyas and Maquinit Hotspring that day. I just decided to visit the famous Lolo Nonoy's Food Station to grab some dinner.

Meals were costly, a little bit overpriced i think. So i picked liempo with rice plus egg that's a 100 plus pesos. 


1. Make sure to bring a power bank, you'll never know if your flight will be delayed.
2. There are a LOT of van's waiting outside Busuanga airport, in case you haven't booked one.
3. Mommitas Lodge is a perfect, decent and clean accomodation. I will stay with them again.
4. They have free coffee. :)
5. Lolo Nonoy's food are quite costly. Food tasted the same. Please note that i am alone and i really can't order a lot food.
6. Coron is a small city, you can stroll at the park anytime you want. A lot of restaurants aligned and is walking distance from Mommitas Lodge.

Budget for first day.

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