Sunday, February 16, 2014

Solo Travel in Coron: Coron Bay Tour Day 4

October 3, 2013

I was soooo tired and all my muscles were stiff and hard and aching and whatelse..
Still I managed to join the Coron Tour B on my fourth day of stay.

I actually made friends with 2 Filipino siblings, and a Chinese teacher, Jane. 2 French guy (mag-jowa). lol

Barracuda Lake

91 Beach

Skeleton Wreck

Yes, medyo kinapalan ko na ang face ko kaya may picture ako. :)

Banol Beach

Since we still have a lot of time, we asked Kuya guide if we can still visit another spot.
 We paid 100 pesos each.

We arrived at Mommitas Place around 4:00PM. I asked Jane if she could come with us at Ice Valley.
I then joined my new friends for Dinner at Macario's Grill.

 Budget for fourth day.

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