Sunday, February 16, 2014

Solo Travel in Coron: Day 5

October 4, 2013

It was raining sooo hard i decided to skip the Calumbuyan Tour. Plus baka mag overbudget na ko. lol

Anyway, sharing the Itinerary and price of the budget tour for reference.

I did nothing. Yes, nothing. I forgot to eat lunch. Or better yet, i decided not to eat lunch. Poorita na ako.
I had like 6 cups of coffee, breakfast till Lunch. And i slept the entire day kasi sobrang lakas talaga ng ulan.

By late afternoon, i went to Coron Harvest to buy Kasuy. Spent 700php para lang sa Kasuy and ang konti pa. Sana sa Bus nalang ako bumili dito sa Manila meron pang tag bebente.

I also went to some souvenir shops to buy pasalubong shirts and magnets.

By evening, since i haven't eaten Lunch, i decided to try Bistro Coron, famous for its Pizza!

Nagtake out nalang ako, baka kasi ma out of place pa ko at ang daming kumakain. And nakalimutan ko na din kung anong klaseng Pizza to, pero nakakaumay!!!

all by myself....
Budget for Fifth day.

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