Sunday, February 16, 2014

Solo Travel in Coron: Day 6

October 5, 2013.

End of Tour. Flight back to Manila.


1. On travelling solo, there were times na i wished sana marami akong kasama. The more the merrier, ika nga.
2. Once in a lifetime experience to travel solo, lalo na sa Coron. Never been happy. :)
3. Mas malaki ang budget kapag mag isa. I spent 10k plus on my 6days tour. grrr.
4. It's better to be alone sometimes. You get to think and think and think. You get to do whatever you want ng wala kang iniisip na mga kasama.
5. Medyo loser mag bar araw araw ng mag isa. Still, nag enjoy padin ako.
6. Thanks to the people behind the cigarette invention.

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