Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Trattoria Altrove - Coron 2015

Trattoria Altrove is one of the newest restaurant in Coron Town. They also have a branch in El Nido!

One cannot enter here wearing slippers or shoes. You need to leave it outside. They have small space for slippers!

They have pizza, pasta, wines. I went there last night to order and try one of their thin crust pizzas!

Pizza ranges from 350- 400 plus!

Here's what the restaurant looks like! Lovely eh!?

Aside from that, all of their staff were very polite and nice!

But the best of all, their pizza is awesome! Best to eat while still hot.


Jane Pasigan said...

What is the exact location of this restaurant? Thanks.

aileen said...

Nasa town proper po siya and malapit siya sa No Name bar

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