Saturday, May 30, 2015

ProjectKulay at Child Dreamers Day Care Center

I started thinking about being lucky enough that i have a wonderful job, i earn, i travel and i have a happy life. But, was i helping other people? Am i giving back? Am i making a difference? Maybe before, yes, but what about today?

That's how ProjectKulay started. I created a facebook page that has only 1 like, and that's my personal fb page, i also created an instagram
account. @projectkulay and then i told my colleagues about it and they were happy to help and join this project.

ProjectKulay Team
Projectkulay was born last March 25, 2015 and after 2 months of continuously sharing and posting on the page, together with the help of Projectkulay team, we held out first outreach program!

Our first ProjectKulay outreach activity was held at Child Day Dreamers day care center located at Temporary Housing, Tondo Manila.

Many people donated, not just cash but also school supplies. It was overwhelming to know that there are still good people.

We received 50pcs of loot bags with snacks for the kids, 50 pcs of school bags, toys for the kids and a lot of school supplies!

Another group joined us, they helped us raising funds foe ProjectKulay's first outreach program. They donated a table for the teachers, school supplies to be used by the teachers and 50 pcs of workbooks for the kids.

We had some games and giving of snacks and school supplies. We had so much fun!

Again, i would like to thank everyone who donated, volunteered, and spent their time helping projectkulay.

Also, i would like to mention my colleagues at City of Dreams Manila, Solaire team for helping us with the school supplies and Ms Maryam's team for the workbooks and supplies. God Bless your good heart.

If you want to donate or volunteer please like our facebook page and instagram account and send us a message.

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