Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fantasy World, Lemery Batangas

Fantasy World is located at Lemery Batangas. Should you want to go on a short Taal Heritage trip, why not drop by Fantasy World?

My friend Anak and I went to Taal Basilica first then we did the Taal Heritage tour, which i will be posting in few minutes or days, yes another backlog. I am a very very busy person.

So, after our Taal Heritage which is by the way we commuted all the way from Manila, we dropped by Fantasy World. At first, we were just outside taking lots of photos but the curiosity in me fired up and kinapalan na namin ang mukha namin. There is no way i am getting out of Batangas without going inside that huge castle.

Since there were only the 2 of us, it'll cost us 1000pesos for us to go inside. We were definitely out of budget, good thing there's this family with adventure yata yun and they were 7 and nagtitipid din sila and we asked them if its okay na sumama kami sakanila and we will just pay 3 heads. They agreed at first but they dont want us to ride with them going there and sobrang layo ng lalakarin so i think naawa sila samin so off we go!

my friend, anak.
Huuuge gate, i am so in love with this place. It felt like im in a fairytale!

More photos for you guys to see the inside of this place. Best for photo shoots with costume!

I dont have time to edit photos so here ya go. Place is really beautiful. My 150 pesos entrance fee ay sulit na sulit!

Ang kapal naman ng face namin kung makikisabay pa kami pabalik so nilakad nalang namin hohoho. Ang layooooo! 


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