Friday, April 15, 2016

The Path I've taken by Mcgee Cabarrubias

Let me share you guys a post from a good friend. This may not be a travel post but I believe that for those who travel a lot also needs a financial assistance. Anyhoo, this is not a paid post. I just firmly believe that we all need an Insurance Policy. Also, for those who want to join and have a career in this industry, please take your time to read the post below.

More than 2 years ago, I shifted from a stable, secure, and exciting 8-hour job to a commission-based, unstructured career - that is - being a financial advisor. It was not the best time to make such a move since my Dad had to come back here because of recession, yet I decided take the chance...

I was a sales trainer - a happy, eager to learn, risk taker, passionate and paid to travel at that. And always excited to get the chance to train new recruits and see them grow as financial advisors. I finally realized my dream of doing public speaking for a living-- talking in front, looking smart and knowledgeable. I enjoyed the perks: going around and the Philippines, staying in nice hotels, driving a company car, and best of all, eating out.

I was enjoying my life and my job!

Until one day I felt comfortable in a bad way. Being in my comfort zone restrained me from pushing myself beyond the limits. I got so used to the routine and found it too hectic to entertain anything else. It didn't feel like me anymore.

I began to forget the risk taker in me... Then, I realized I was looking for a change.

And it happened. I became a financial advisor.

This time, it hit me that these were what I was quietly wishing for all along: the idea of becoming your own boss, managing your own time and choosing the people whose lives you want to change. I was so confident that I will make it big. I knew the procedure: prospecting, setting an appointment, impressing a client with a superb sales presentation and excellent rebuttals.

I could easily earn the big bucks. I even posted online that it would be easy to earn my annual salary on my first month as an advisor. With my experience as trainer of advisors, I will win this game. Or so I thought...

On my first month, I ended up with zero sale. I did not have a payslip.

Becoming your own boss? I thought posting everyday status on Facebook was enough. Chatting with friends online was my way of prospecting.

Managing my time was waking up late and being selective in what to do for the day. Watching tv, included.

Choosing the people whose life you want to change was choosing the people who I felt would not reject me. I feared rejection so much that I could not even admit that I was already a financial advisor.
I set standards I failed to meet: a gold medallion, MDRT qualifier... I practically thought I could make it. Yet, I found myself in a quandary. It was a very low moment in my life. People would ask me how it was going and I could not say anything. Worse, when friends ask me "Masaya ba mag-agent? Awardee ka na?" I had no answer but a wan smile.

I turned my back on my uneventful new career. I went home to the province where i found the comfort of being a child again - no expectations, no pressure. I simply wanted to recharge. I sought the love and kinship of family and friends. Then, of all times, I was able to sell to two of my friends!

Slowly, I got into the groove. On my own, I started to plan my day and make sales calls. I realized that rejections simply meant that I was doing my job steadily. I became a risk-taker once again - trying out new skills that I thought I was not capable of doing. I started hosting branch meetings - a role I had been dreading for the longest time. I conducted financial planning seminars on my own. I got to meet new people as I went back to badminton , walked my dogs at the park and even while chilling at the car wash.

And then I started to WANT to be known as a financial advisor -- a salesman. My new life began when I started to embrace my being a financial advisor... a PROUD one.

And then I earned the first medallion-- a bronze award. I got the chance to be in the newspaper, (only my name was published, no picture hahaha). Bronze was the minimum entry point to get an award.
But my bronze felt like gold.

I was so freaking proud of it that I had to drive home to the province to personally tell mom and dad. The smiles on their faces really made me feel I won the gold.

But hey, why am I writing this? I am not a superstar unlike my branch mates who are making millions and are top awardees. Nor am I a Million Dollar Round Table member. However, I believe it is my job to share my story.

I have come a long way.

What I gained was what I did not have in my past job...TIME. Plus all the rewards, financial and some unquantifiable ones. I can now walk my dogs on a weekday, play badminton more often, do gardening, bake breads, even cook like a chef. I also enrolled in an automotive crash course and started my own small business. All these, while still being a financial advisor of Sun Life. And all because I have more time now.

How about you? Do you have time?


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